"Ik zag haar letterlijk door de zaal dansen ;
  ik vind het ook zo mooi dat het met intervallen gaat,
dat je haar stil ziet staan en weer op gang ziet komen
- ik heb echt de beleving gehad dat er
ineens een danseresje uit haar

vitrine stapte." 
 Sjarel Ex - directeur Boijmans van Beuningen 

the original harp solo  DANCE MARIE ! DANCE !  has changed into a proper notescore   click link to buy


the first publication is part of a composers project initiated by the Dutch Folk Harp Society

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to me it is important not to take the written rythm to literal..
 i consider my breathing my metronome .. that's why i recommend that you play the composition as you tell a story - with here and there a little pauze because you have to think or with accelaration because you are enthousiastic - the music will become fluent and natural


YOU PLAY i listen !
have fun playing and studying DANCE MARIE ! DANCE ! i would appreciate it very much to hear your own version on youtube. my work will receive another set of wings and a new audience and that means the world to me as a composer .. in return i will share your video as gratitude on my website and the social media .. with music &love – AV / harpandsoul.com


with my "dancing fingers" i had the intention to let the harp tell a story about La Petite Danseuse - by sculptor Edgar Degas ;
Dance Marie ! Dance ! .. as if your life depends on it ! the dancer is in thought as if she is listening to the music .. as if she can come to life any moment .. full of confidence starting from the 4e postion