Canadian harpist Josh Layne made a very striking analysis about Anne's music at the bi-weekly video series #HARP-TUESDAY : 'There is a lot of space to play around with .. where you want to put each note .. and that is what music is all about !'

'Welcome to the official Anne Vanschothorst musicBOOKs website ! The notated music is published by harpist/composer Inge Frimout - and worldwide available for sale.


I'd like to share some thoughts about how to play harp and soul music. To me it is important not to take the written rhythm to literal.. i consider my breathing my metronome.. that's why i recommend that you play the composition as you tell a story - with here and there a little pause because you have to think or with acceleration because you are enthusiastic, then the music will become fluent and natural.


Music  and poetry are to me the most profound ; to be touched by the unsaid .. it means the world to me that other harpists play my work and share harPoetry with another audience .. or make an re- arrangement/improv. of my original harpsolos ; music-recycling gives my work another set of wings and that is huge !' ~ AV

ANNE is a pioneer exploring original minimal/harp (improv.) in subdued chamber jazz and (natural) soundscapes — using overdub and making sound sculptures with 47strings. She received international critical acclaim as an indie composer and producer who records sound on sound stilled mystical landscape music for in-a-room, film, multi-media and spoken word. This new poetic and inventive, edgy sonic universe next to the existing harp planet and music world, indicates that Anne walks off the beaten track. The written note-scores are frequently performed by international musicians and added to their repertoire. The You Play i listen ! platform is an ongoing creativity project that is initiated to share Harp and Soul Music performed by others via videos and sound-clouds. 

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